EzRx Packaging System

Make Medication Management Easy

With EzRx, we make it easy for our patients to take the right medication at the right time, every time. EzRx packagers automate the preparation of unit- and multi-dose strip packaging, replacing bulky blister packs and cumbersome medication planners. Prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins can be packaged together, organized by day and time of dose in clearly labeled plastic pouches.


It’s a smarter option for patients, caregivers and facilities.

Simple and Smart

EzRx organizes dozens of vials into a simple strip package. Patients will always know what to take next — and when to take it — because each pack is labeled with the date, day of week and time of administration.

Safer is Better

EzRx is a much more accurate solution that reduces the likelihood of errors. Patients and administrators agree that  it is easier to administer and to take reliably.

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